Effects of Extrusion Temperature and Feed Moisture Content on Peanut Flour Extrudates

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M.J. Hinds; R.D. Phillips

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Conference Proceeding or Document


American Peanut Research and Education Society

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Abstract: A mixture experimental design was used to evaluate the combined effects of non-fermented PDPF) and fermented (F-PDPF) peanut flours, added feed moisture Content, and extrusion temperature on physical properties of extruded cornstarch-peanut flour-based snacks. Moisture Content, expansion ratio, bulk density, modified Kramer compression-shear force and colour of extrudates were significantly affected by the amount of PDPF and F-PDPF in the formulation. Oil absorption by extrudates was only influenced by the type of peanut flour. Within the range of (per l-kg batch) 0.30-0.34 g g-1 added water, 0.16-0.20g g-1 PDPF and/or F-PDPF, and extrusion temperatures of 125 to 150 degrees C, extrudates with a wide range of functional characteristics can be produced.

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1999 APRES Proceedings, Vol. 31

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