Effects of processing methods and extraction solvents on concentration and antioxidant activity of peanut skin phenolics

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J.M. Yu; M. Ahmedna; I. Goktepe

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Scholarly Article


Food Chemistry

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Abstract: Peanutskin is a by-product of the peanut industry that has low economic value despite its high Content of antioxidants such as phenolics. The effects of three skin removal methods (direct peeling, blanching, and roasting) and extractionsolvents (water, ethanol, and methanol) on total phenolics and total antioxidantactivities (TAA) of peanutskin extracts were studied, and the composition of extracts were determined by HPLC. Results show that both skin removal methods and extractionsolvents had significant effects on total extractable phenolics and TAA, with the combination of roasting and ethanol extraction being the most efficient recovery method. One gram dry peanutskin contained 90

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