Effects of soil acidity, AL Content and Rhizobium inoculation in growth and nitrogen fixation of peanuts and other grain legumes

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K Chong; JC Wynne; GH Elkan; TJ Shneeweis

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Tropical Agriculture

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Abstract: In glasshouse experiments using soil treated with aluminium sulphate and calcium oxide to produce various levels of pH and Al Content, peanuts and cowpeas were more tolerant of low pH and high Al concentration than mungbeans or pigeon peas. Peanuts were not nodulated below pH 4.3 regardless of Al Content whereas cowpeas were nodulated at pH 3.8 with 46.8 % Al saturation. Shoot growth, nodulation and N2 fixation of peanuts and cowpeas were best at pH 5.9-6.3. Optimum root growth in peanuts was at pH 7.3 suggesting a high Ca demand of peanut roots, that of cowpea roots was 6.0

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