Efficient plant regeneration from protoplast of Arachis paraguariensis chod. Et Hassl using a nurse culture method

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Z Li; RL Jarret; RN Pittman; KB Dunbar; JW Demski

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Scholarly Article


Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture

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Abstract: An efficient protocol has been developed for protoplast culture and plant regeneration from wild peanut (A. paraguariensis) using a nurse culture method. Protoplasts were isolated from suspension cultures initiated from leaf-derived callus, imbedded in agarose blocks and co-cultured with nurse cells of the same species. Up to 10% of the protoplasts divided and formed compact callus colonies. The protoplast plating efficiency was correlated with both the length of the nurse cell co-cultivation period and the protoplast plating density. The optimal nurse culture duration was 14 d. The optimal plating density was 2

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