El discurso de las coaliciones de convencimiento: Futuros deseados y temas de recursos naturales Cotacachi-Ecuador


F. Campana; M. Garcia

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Abstract: Using discourse analysis, this presentation synthesizes, characterizes, and summarizes information gathered from in-depth interviews and focus groups with key representatives of civil society, state, and market-oriented entities that form existing or emergent advocacy coalitions. Other data include those obtained through interactions with many of the principals as a result of the involvement of the NGOs Heifer Project-Ecuador, the Institute for Ecuadorian Studies, and Terranueva in various development and research projects and training efforts in the Canton of Cotacachi. The focus is on three issues that are particularly compelling at the local level, but the six advocacy coalitions (two per issue) include institutions at various levels from the local to international. Those issues are mining in Intag, the semi-tropical part of the canton, and water usage and future governance of the Cotacachi-Cayapas Bio-reserve, focused in the highland portion of Cotacachi.

Also available as a conference paper.

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Presented at the SANREM CRSP Research Scientific Synthesis Conference, Athens, GA, 28-30 November 2001

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