Enhancing the role of local government units in environmental regulation


D. Elazegui; M. Espaldon; A. Sumbalan

Type of Document:
Research Report


University of the Philippines- Los Banos

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Laguna, Philippines


Abstract: This paper reviews the implementation of one major environmental regulation in the Philippines, i.e., the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) system. This deals with the process of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) required of projects or undertakings that have environmental implications. The paper looks into the following aspects – policies and procedures, institutions, and coordination among stakeholders involved in the EIS system. It examines the role of local government units (LGUs) in the implementation of the EIS system and recommends measures to improve the ECC policy and governance at the local level.

The paper distils some lessons and experience in the province of Bukidnon, the SANREM study site. To harness a locally-based and more meaningful participatory EIS system, a policy framework for administration and enforcement at the local level must be improved. This should address constraints which include inadequate perception and understanding of the process involved, weak role of the local government and community, lack of coordination among stakeholders. These problems are rooted to limited information, education and communication, thus awareness and capability building strategies must be enhanced.

Table of Contents:

i. ABOUT THE AUTHORS ii. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT iii. Abstract I. Introduction II. objectives III. Core Hypothesis/Research Questions IV. Research Methods and Data Used V. Framework VI. The EIA and EIS System VII. Public Participation VIII. EIA System: Experiences and Lessons in Bukidnon IX. Constraining Factors to an Effective EIS Implementation X. Facilitating Factors/Strategies XI. Summary and Conclusions XII. REFERENCES List of Figures 1 Dimensions of locally based decision making system List of Tables 1 Major policies governing the Philippine EIA system 2 Projects (ECPs, non-ECPs in ECAs) requiring ECC and projects under CNC 3 Land resource management and land use categorization, Bukidnon, 2002 4 Major environment-related policies, Bukidnon 5 Number of Environmental Clearance Certificates (ECCs) issued, Bukidnon,1991-2003 6 Number of Environmental Clearance Certificates (ECCs) issued by municipality, Bukidnon, 1991-2003 7 Number and percent distribution of ECCs issued, by type of project, 1991-2003 8 Knowledge of LGU Planning and Development Officers on EIS System, Bukidnon (n=12) 9 LGUs participation in the EIS System, Bukidnon (n=12 LGU PDOs) List of Appendices Appendix A Processing time for ECC applications for ECPs Appendix B Processing time for ECC applications for ECPs Appendix C Processing time for CNC applications for non-covered projects

Additional Bibliographic Information

Elazegui, D., M. Espaldon and A. Sumbalan. 2004. Enhancing the Role of Local Government Units in Environmental Regulation. ISPPS Working Paper No. 04-06.

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