Establishment of a Quality Control Pre-inspection Process in the Production and Export of Snow Pea (Pisum sativum L.) in Guatemala


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Phase 2

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ICADA, APHIS/IS/Guatemala, AGEXPRONT (Guatemala)

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Co-Principal Investigator(s):
G. Sanchez, L. Calderon, (ICADA); S. Weller (Purdue University); J. Sandoval (IPM CRSP); L. Caniz (APHISIS/Guatemala);Edgar Santizo (AGEXPRONT)


This project was focused on improving the quality and innocuity of snow pea pods in Guatemala with the overall goal of training Guatemalan snow pea producers to use IPM

tactics in their production system, so their crop meets pre- certification standards. In order to promote the pre-inspection process for snow pea in Guatemala, this research was conducted in two ways. The first consisted in training sessions conducted in snow pea producers’ fields in collaboration with Asociacion Gremial de Exportadores de Productos no Tradicionales (AGEXPRONT) and exporter companies. The second way was to establish demonstration plots of integrated crop management in two strategic areas.


1. Provide information to technicians, farmers, exporters and intermediaries about the importance of the pre-certification of snow pea in Guatemala. 2. Promote among producers and exporter companies the procedures that must be followed in order to have pre-certification of the crop. 3. Establish the base to support the practical application of the pre-inspection system, in the field and in the agro-industrial processors and government.


This research has successfully promoted and transferred the Integrated Crop Management technology developed by the IPM CRSP and has impacted organized groups of agro-exporter companies, technicians and farmers resulting in an improvement of snow pea production.

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