Estimation of heritability by parent-offspring regression for high-oleic acid in peanut

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S. Singkham; S. Jogloy; T. Kesmala; P. Swatsitang; P. Jaisil; N. Puppala; A. Patanothai

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Scholarly Article


Asian Journal of Plant Sciences

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Abstract: Oleic acid in peanut oil increases shelf-life and kernel quality. Heritability for oleic acid is impowt

for predcting selection progress. The aims of this study were to estimate the heritability of oleic acid Content

by parent-offspring regression and to determine the correlation among oil characters. The data were collected

in the F, and F, generatiom derived from the crosses between two hgh-oleic peanuts (SunOleic 97R and

Georgia-02C) and a low oleic peanut (KKU 1). The F, populations were planted in the rainy season (2008) and

the F, populatiom derived from the F, populatiom were planted in the dry season (2008109) at Khon Kean

University. Heritability estimates innarrow sense were intermediate to hgh for oleic and linoleic acids (0.63-0.72

and 0.57-0.72, respectively). Heritability estimates for % oil were low in all populatiom. Significant and negative

correlationwas obsenred between oleic and linoleic acids (r = -0.98). The high heritability for oleic acid i n h s

study indicated that selection for hgh oleic acid in peanut was effective in the F, generation.

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