Fertilized non-fed pond systems

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Raul H. Piedrahita; Philip Giovannini

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Conference Proceeding or Document


Aquaculture Systems Engineering, Proceedings of the World Aquaculture Society and the American Society of Agricultural Engineers

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Baton Rouge, LA


Abstract: Non-fed ponds are aquaculture production systems that do not depend on the addition of fish food, but derive their productivity from organic and inorganic fertilizers. Design and management Goals for non-fed ponds are directed to the manipulation of the pond ecosystem to achieve predictable fish yields. This paper discusses new developments in the engineering of non-fed pond production systems. Included are quantitative techniques for determining optimum pond characteristics based on insolation at the production site; use of efficiency models to evaluate pond characteristics and management inputs over time; topics related to fertilization and other water quality management strategies; and a discussion of the significance of pond stratification on pond management.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Piedrahita, R.H. and P. Giovannini, 1991. Fertilized non-fed pond systems. Aquaculture Systems Engineering. Proceedings of WAS/ASAE sessions at World Aquaculture Society Meeting. American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Saint Joseph, Michigan, pp. 1–14.

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