Flowering pattern and fruiting characteristics of five short growth duration peanut lines

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O Ndoye; OD Smith

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Abstract: Five early maturing Arachis hypogaea L. germplasm lines of diverse origin (Chico. 55-437. TxAG-I. TxAG-2. and Tx851856) were evaluated in Texas under irrigation for flowering pattern and pod development. Dates of emergence and occurrence of first. fifth. tenth. fifteenth. twentieth. and twenty-fifth flowers were recorded. Number of shrivelled. full-size. and mature pods. based on internal pericarp color. were counted after digging at 90 days after emergence.Differences were found in number of days from planting until expansion of flowers one through 10. number of full-size pods. and number and weight of seed per plant. Chico was first to begin flowering but other lines flowered more rapidly so that there were no differences among lines for days from planting to flowers 15.20. and 25; nor in number of mature pods at digging. TxAG-l and Chico produced the greatest number of full-size pods. but a higher proportion of Tx85 1856 pods were mature at these early Texas digging date. Flower counts were not effective in distinguishing among the entries for earliness when percentage mature pods or weight of seed per plant were used as the criteria for maturity.TxAG-I and Chico produced the most and Tx85l856 the fewest numbers of full-sized pods per plant. but the grarris/plant of seed produced were equal. The potential for combining the characteristics of early flower initiation by Chico and rapid pod development ofTxAG-I. and the factors producing high numbers of seed in Chico and TxAG-I with the larger seed size of Tx851856 should be explored.

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