Food Intake Patterns of the Unemployed and Pensioners in Bulgaria

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W Moon; WJ Florkowski; L R Beuchat; A V A Resurreccion; P Paraskova; J Jordanov; M S Chinnan

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Policy Modeling

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Abstract: Transition to a market-oriented economy in Bulgaria has been characterized by declining real incomes and changes in dietary patterns. Nutritional status of the low-income segment of the population has become an important issue. The unemployed and pensioners represent two of the most vulnerable groups because of a substantial reduction in social welfare expenditure. Nationwide foodintake survey data collected in 1997 allowed examination of how foodintakepatterns of the unemployed and pensioners differed from patterns of the employed. Income and sociodemographic profiles, including age, education, gender and geographic region were responsible for differences in foodintakepatterns.

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