Formulation and evaluation of sensory porperties of a spread made from peanu tofu

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S Sukumsuvum; AVA Resurreccion; LR Beuchat

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Scholarly Article


Lebensmittel Wissenchaft und Technologie

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Abstract: Two peanut-based products envisioned to be consumed as spreads on bread were developed and evaluated for sensory quality. Aqueous extracts of peanuts were prepared from partially defatted peanut flour [flour:water, 1:9 (w/v), pH8.0] at 80oC for 15 min. This process resulted in minimum lipoxygenase activity and optimum protein extraction. Proteins in the extract were then coagulated by adding calcium sulfate (0,3%) or citric acid (pH 4.5) to produce peanut tofus which were used as base ingredients to develop chocolate and tangerine flavored spreads, respectively

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