From awareness to attitude to action: An iterative approach to evaluating impacts of NRM projects


G. Buenavista

Type of Document:
Research Brief


SANREM CRSP, University of Georgia

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Watkinsville, GA


This brief illustrates how environmental projects can respond to donors’ demands for evidence of impacts in the early stages of their implementation, before longer-term improvements in natural resource conditions have time to occur. The approach centers on a hierarchical classification of impacts that allows to capture “intermediate” steps, that is shifts in awareness and attitude that

usually precede actual changes in behavior concerning sustainable natural resource management. (author’s Abstract)

This brief draws from: Buenavista, G., I. Coxhead and K. Kim. 2001. Assessing the impact of a participatory, research-oriented project: Results of a survey. In Coxhead, I. and G. Buenavista (eds.) Seeking Sustainability: Challenges of Agricultural Development and Environmental Management in a Philippine Watershed. Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines: PCARRD.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Buenavista, G. 2001. From Awareness to Attitude to Action: An Iterative Approach to Evaluating Impacts of NRM Projects. SANREM CRSP Research Brief No. 2.

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