From Goodwill to Payments for Environmental Services: A Survey of Financing Options for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Developing Countries


P. Gutman (ed.)

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Scholarly Article


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

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The 2003 WWF-Danida survey on financing options for sustainable natural resource management is now available as a book, as a CD and as a PDF file. This 150 pages report can be used either as a source of references, as an aid during projects’ design and development and as a training material. Its Content is as follows:

1. In its first section (chapters 1 to 4) it provides, a discussion of financing for SNRM, what it is, why it is important, what are the options, the trends and the novelties. It also includes an in-depth look at financing through payments for environmental services and private business-community partnerships, two financing options that have recently attracted much attention.

2. In its second section (chapters 5 to 7) it features a description of (a) 52 options for financing sustainable natural resources management, with clear indications of where to go next, either for more in-depth information and analysis or to contact people from the financing institutions themselves, and (b) 12 case studies, including one from WWF-Bhutan and one from WWF-South Africa

(Excerpt from publication website, available:

Table of Contents:

Preface Summary Section 1. Financing Options: A discussion 1. A Survey of financing options / Gutman 2. A closer look at payments and markets for environmental services / Grieg-Gran, Bann 3. A closer look at private sector community partnerships / Grieg-Gran, Bann 4. Financing for SNRM: From goodwill to payments for environmental services / Gutman Section 2. Financing Options: A description 5. Financing Options. The Description Cards (DC) / Gutman 6. Case studies of financing for SNRM / Bann, Blomley, Brinkate, Christensen, Grieg-Gran, Hastrup, Jensen, Raae, Tenzin

7. Accessing resources and refereneces / Gutman, Chow, Janicke

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