Functional properties of freeze-dried powders of unfermented and fermented aqueous extracts of legume seeds

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DW Schaffner; LR Beuchat

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Food Science

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Abstract: Functional properties of freeze-dried powders made from aqueous extracts of cowpea, peanut and soybean seeds were compared with those of a commercial cultured buttermilk powder product. Powders of seed extracts fermented with Lacrobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus were also analyzed. The color of legume powders was similar to that of the commercial buttermilk product, and fermentation had a beneficial effect. Emulsion capacities of powders prepared from extracts were superior to the commercial product, as were foam capacity and stability. The nitrogen solubility profiles of powders from unfermented extracts were similar to those of powdered buttermilk; however, solubility of nitrogen in fermented extracts was less than that of unfermented products. The viscosity of rehydrated fermented powders was less than that of the controls but greater than that of the commercial product. The water adsorption capacity of various seed extract powders was similar, regardless of fermentation treatment.

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