Fungitoxicity spectra of crude extract of three Ghanaian medicinal plants

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RT Awuah

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Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science

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Abstract: Steam distillates from three Ghanaian medicinal plants, Ocimum gratissimum (L.), Xylopia aethiopica (Dunal) Rich and Cymbopogon cifratus (D.C.) Stapf, were tested for fungitoxicity against 20 fungal species. A fungitoxicity spectrum (FS) was calculated for each extract based.on per cent inhibition of fungal growth. High FS values of4.b and 3.5 (maximum assignable value = 5) were, respectively, associated with extracts of 0, gratissimum and C. citratus. A low value of 1.4 was recorded for X. aethiopica. Whereas extract of 0. gratissimum exhibited complete fungicidal activity towards 14 of the 20 fungi, that of C. cilratus was fungicidal to only three. The extract of X aethiopica was fungistatic but not fungicidal.

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