Gendered Soils Knowledge, Practices, and Access to Assets in CAPS: Student Research in the Gender CCRA


M. Harman; M. E. Christie; K. Agriesti; D. Sumner; R. Botello; I. Bagares; J. Mercado; V. Ella; M. Reyes; J. Alwang

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Poster. Description: This poster discusses the student research of the Gender Cross Cutting Research Activity (Gender CCRA) of SANREM CRSP. The purpose of the Gender CCRA is to identify gender-based constraints and opportunities for conservation agricultural production systems (CAPS) adoption across sites and make recommendations regarding gender-based practices and policies to improve the success of CAPS. It uses a mixed methods approach that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative methods. Graduate students have been an essential component in conducting research for the Gender CCRA in several sites, including Bolvia, the Philippines, and Cambodia. This poster summarizes the approach and presents preliminary findings from their individual projects.

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Poster Presentation for the SANREM CRSP Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, 20 October 2012.

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