Hemolymph profiles of pond-reared and pen-cultured adult Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis (H. Milne-Edwards)

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Xiaojuan Cao; Cong Zeng; Wei Luo; Yasmeen Gul; Lei Cui; Weimin Wang

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Scholarly Article


Aquaculture International

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Abstract: Levels of seven hemolymph parameters (considered as indicators of physiological and immune status of organisms) inpond-reared (PR) and lake pen-cultured (PC) adult Chinese mitten crabs sampled from three experimental sites viz., a pondat Huangjin Lake area, a net-pen in the Huangjin Lake and a pond at Lu Lake area were analysed. Two sites in the HuangjinLake area where the pond meets the lake, possessed good water quality whereas at Lu Lake area where the pond was notconnected to the Lu Lake, the water quality was relatively poor. Hemocyanin Content and total hemocytes count in PR crabsfrom Lu Lake area were significantly lower than those of PR and PC crabs from Huangjin Lake area, indicating PR crabsfrom Lu Lake area had relatively poor physiological and immune status. There were no significant differences in hemolymphprofiles between PR and PC crabs from Huangjin Lake area. These results indicate that water quality had a significant effecton the physiological and immune status of cultured Chinese mitten crabs. The resuls indicate that pond-rearing is better forculture of Chinese mitten crabs, especially in ponds which are connected to natural water resources.

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