Heritability of components of a simple physiological model for yield in groundnut under semiarid rainfed conditions

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B Ntare; J.H. Williams

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Scholarly Article


Field Crops Research

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Abstract: Use of physiological models has been suggested as a means to improve efficiency of breeding for higher yield. Our objectives were to estimate heritabilities of yield components of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) identified in a yield model [crop growth rate (C), reproductive duration (DR) and partitioning (p)] and determine their predictive value in early generations. Forty bulk populations and nine parental lines were evaluated in replicated trials in 1992 (F2), 1993 (F3) and 1994 (F4) at three contrasting locations in Niger. Physiological components of yield were estimated from final yield and biomass as well as data on flowering and maturity. Differences were observed among populations for pod yield and model components. The effects of locations were significant (P<0.01) for C, p and DR in F2 and F3 but nonsignificant for yield and C in F4. Heritabilities were estimated by parent

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