Impact Brief, 1: Improved Bean Varieties in Central America and Ecuador Generate Economic Benefits to Farmers

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B. Reyes; M. Maredia; R. Bernsten

Type of Document:
Impact/Success Story


Dry Grain Pulses CRSP, Michigan State University

Date of Publication:
July 2012

Place of Publication:
East Lansing, MI


Abstract: This brief is based on the Ph.D. dissertation by Byron Reyes, The Economic Impact of Improved Bean Varieties and Determinants of Market Participation: Evidence from Latin America and Angola. Specifically, it draws from the essay “The Economic Impact of Improved Bean Varieties in Latin America: A Surplus Analysis.” The USAID-funded Dry Grain Pulses CRSP provided financial support for this research under the terms of Cooperative Agreement No. EDH-A-00-07-00005-00.

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