Impact Brief, 3: Farmers in West and Central Africa Obtain Economic Benefits from Enhanced Cowpea Storage Technologies

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B. Moussa; J. Lowenberg-DeBoer; J. Fulton; K. Boys

Type of Document:
Impact/Success Story


Dry Grain Pulses CRSP, Michigan State University

Date of Publication:
July 2012

Place of Publication:
East Lansing, MI


Summary: Researchers from the Bean/Cowpea Collaborative Research Support Program (B/C CRSP) developed several nonchemical cowpea grain preservation technologies in the 1980s, including hermetic storage in airtight containers (metal drums, multilayered plastic bags), improved ash storage, and a solar heater. Early efforts to assess the impact of these technologies were limited to specific studies in countries where they were initially developed and disseminated; however, researchers at Purdue University recently evaluated the regional benefits of these technologies. This impact brief summarizes the results of that study.

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