Improving livelihoods of farm households in peanut based farming systems in East Africa

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Phase 3




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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (Kenya)

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Boris Bravo-Ureta

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The overall purpose of the University of Connecticut-Peanut CRSP effort is to improve understanding of the farm level economics of peanut production and marketing in Uganda and Kenya, and to a lesser degree in Ghana. We will focus on the analysis of the socio-economic benefits of peanut farming, on strengthening human capital resources and on disseminating relevant information to key stakeholders in selected peanut producing regions in each of the three countries mentioned.


1. Improve farm level data collection protocols and introduce standardized procedures for data collection and documentation 2. Analyze the potential to increase household income through productivity growth in peanut farming systems 3. Examine the impact of alternative peanut farming systems, including value-added activities, on resource use and income generation " 4. To conduct pilot human biomonitoring studies in network participating countries and collect data for the final establishment of the global network of AF exposure using AFB1-albumin adduct as the biomarker. 4. Evaluate the determinants of technology adoption (fertilizer, improved seed varieties and selected farming practices) among peanut producers, including gender effects 5. Work with Host Country collaborators to develop training materials and workshops on production economics and farm management, with special attention to women farmers 6. Provide partial support to train several professionals in agricultural economics and other relevant fields, both at the Ph. D. and M.S. levels, mainly in country


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