Improving Sustainability and Reducing Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture Systems in China, and South and Southeast Asia

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Other Partners:
Shanghai Fisheries University (lead Host Country institution); Hainan University; Huazhong Agricultural University; Wuhan University, Huiting Reservoir Fisheries Management Company, Jingmen City, Sichuan Aquacultural Engineering Research Center, Chengdu, Zhanghe Reservoir Fisheries Management Company, Jingmen City (China); Dong Nai Fisheries Company, Ho Chi Minh City, World Wildlife Fund in Asia (Vietnam); Rural Integrated Development Society (Nepal)

Principal Investigator(s):
James S. Diana (US Lead Project PI); Liping Liu (Host Country Lead PI; China)

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Madhav K. Shrestha (Nepal); Wang Weimin, Song Biyu (China); Derun Yuan (Thailand); Le Thanh Hung (Vietnam)


This project represents a collaboratively defined series of studies with host country counterparts in China, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. The experiments listed were defined largely by the host country scientists, in consultation with their university and government colleagues in each country. The priority of each experiment or study is exemplified by the fact that of all possible studies to be done, each investigator believed this was the most important one, currently.

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