Innovative Procedures to Protect Therapeutic Foods from Aflatoxins in Developing Nations

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Phase 3




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Dan Brown

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Dumel Louis; Jean Pape (Haiti)


At the completion of this project we will have the information we need to implement and evaluate educational and food preparation procedures which remove aflatoxin as a barrier to the nutritional support and recovery of malnourished children and HIV infected individuals. Haitians will have the means to ensure the entire peanut supply is divided between low aflatoxin kernels suitable for human food and higher aflatoxin kernels and shells that are permanently removed from the food chain by usefully burning them for fuel.


1. To know the extent of aflatoxicosis in women seeking testing at AIDS clinics and in high risk populations of malnourished infants and young children. The specific aims are to survey biomarkers for aflatoxin ingestion in the surplus pregnancy test urine collected at the GHESKIO clinic in Port au Prince and in urine collected from high risk malnourished children before, just after and 6 months after treatment with Medika Mamba RUTF by Meds and Food for Kids staff in the Northern regions of Haiti." 2. To know that successful pilot scale procedures for improved culture and harvest, screening, monitoring and removing aflatoxin contaminated peanuts from the food chain can be scaled up to RUTF manufacture of several tons per month and a variety of scales for local peanut butter manufacture. 3. Successful use of peanut protection, sorting and productive disposal techniques on farms and at markets.


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