Integrated Method of Organizing, Computing, and Deploying Weather-Based Disease Advisories for Selected Peanut Diseases

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JE Bailey

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Scholarly Article


Peanut Science

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Abstract: Epidemiological information can be used with weather data to anticipate disease onset. These disease advisories can be applied to reduce the unnecessary use and improve the timing of fungicide sprays. Delivery of weather-based disease advisories to peanut growers in North Carolina was expedited by streamlining programming and information deployment procedures. This approach utilized a standard method of organization of weather data collection and analysis for all diseases, and daily reports were posted to the web. A standardized method of analysis is described which is flexible, and it allows information from epidemiological studies and practical experiences to be integrated to create a specific model for individual diseases. Included is a description of the research and extension activities over a 17-yr period during which weather-monitoring hardware and disease advisories were developed, tested, and utilized for advisories in peanuts at the farm level. Advantages and limitations to this approach with reference to its use in other crops are discussed.

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