Integrated Postharvest Extension Program for Cambodia and Vietnam

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Phase 1




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Other Partners:
Hanoi University for Agriculture, Vietnam (Vietnam); Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia (Cambodia)

Principal Investigator(s):
Robert E. Paull; Nancy Jung Chen

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Nguyen Quoc Vong; Men Sarom


The goal of this exploratory project is to evaluate current capacity and needs with respect to postharvest handling and quality, leading to a full proposal whose aim would be to strengthen the capacity of Vietnamese and Cambodian growers and marketers to reduce losses and to improve fruit and vegetable’s postharvest quality.


The four objectives are: 1. To conduct a site visit to Vietnam and Cambodia to meet with potential research and training counterparts to determine capacitybuilding needs that address postharvest losses; 2. To meet with potential commercial Vietnamese and Cambodian partners to determine their current handling practices and possible approaches to assist them in maintaining quality and safety; 3.To determine what postharvest publications are available in Vietnamese and Khmer on fresh fruit and vegetables; and, 4. To select postharvest leaders for short course training in the US and to obtain additional training on postharvest quality evaluation and safe handling training in Hawaii.


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