Interactions Between Agroecosystems and Rural Communities


C. Flora (ed)

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Scholarly Article


CRC Press

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Boca Raton, FL


Table of Contents: Introduction / Flora Shifting Agroecosystems and Communities / Flora Altered Landscapes and Transformed Livelihoods: Banana Companies, Panama Disease, and Rural Communities on the North Coast of Honduras / Soluri

Community Culture and the Evolution of Hog Production: Eastern and Western Oklahoma / Mayda Forest Conservation and Degradation in a Subsubsistence Agricultural System: Community and Forestry in Mexico / Klooster

Community, Fruits, and Vegetables for Export: The Impact on Two Mexican Ecosystems and Rural Communities / Nock

Communities of Interest and Agroecosystem Restoration: Streuobst in Europe / Herzog and Oetmann Transhumant Communities and Agroecosystems in Patagonia / Bendini Farm-Community Entrepreneurial Partnerships in the Midwest / Flora, McIsaac, Gasteyer, and Kroma A Learning Approach to Community Agroecosystem Management / Lightfoot, Fernandez, Noble, Ramirez, Groot, Fernandez-Baca, Shao, Muro, Okelabo, Mugenyi, Bekalo, Rianga, and Obare

Bridges to Sustainability: Links Between Agriculture, Community, and the Ecosystem / Butler and Carkner

Rural Community Leadership in the Lake Benton Watershed / Monson The Winnebago Tribe’s Agroforestry Project: Linking Indigenous Knowledge, Resource Management Planning, and Community Development / Rule, Szymanski, and Colletti

Innovation in Indigenous Production Systems to Maintain Tradition / de Lourdes Baron and Barkin Ethnicity, Multiple Communities, and the Promotion of Conservation: Strawberries in California / Mountjoy

Ecobelts: Reconnecting Agriculture and Communities / Schoenberger, Bentrup, and Francis Afterward: An Optimistic Future Scenario / Francis Index

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