Intrahousehold resource dynamics & adoption of pest management practices


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Phase 2

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INIAP/EET Pichilingue; INIAP/EE Sta. Catalina

Principal Investigator(s):
Colette Harris (Va Tech), Danilo Vera, Miriam Cabanilla Jose Cedeno (INIAP/EET Pichilingue); Victor Barrera, Jovanni Suquillo, Maria Crizon, (INIAP/EE Sta.Catalina); Carmen Suarez (INIAP), George Norton, Jeffrey Alwang (Va. Tech)

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


A chief constraint of IPM is the need to educate the farming population and their families in understanding the dangers of pesticide usage to both human health and the environment. The current activity in the coastal region is aimed at assessing likely resistance to IPM adoption in view of the attitudes of the farming population to pesticide usage.


1. To identify constraints to the likely adoption of IPM strategies in the coastal region 2.To train research scientists involved with the IPM-CRSP project in Ecuador in socio-gendered action research methodology.


In the coastal region to date the main impact noted is on the participants of the training workshops, in other words those who carried out the survey, who have started to take gender issues into consideration and to rethink their concepts of how to work with farmers. In the Carchi region as time goes on the impact of the year 9 sessions is gradually lessening, especially on the youth group. It is clear that while some aspects will be long lasting others, such as the influence on alcohol consumption and smoking, are already significantly less than a year prior.

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