LTRA-4: Practices and Strategies to Address Climate Change and Market Risks


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CRSP Phase:
Phase 3




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Other Partners:
PROINPA, Universidad de la Cordillera, Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, International Potato Center, Kansas State University, University of Connecticut,; Iowa State University

Principal Investigator(s):
Corinne Valdivia

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Leonie Marks, Peter Motavalli, Jere Gilles, Karen Garret, Anji Seth, Cornelia Flora, Jan Flora, Greg Forbes, Roberto Quiroz, Jorge Cusicanqui, Magali Garcia, Elizabeth Jimenez, Miguel Gonzalez, Javier Aguilera, Celia Turin, Silvana Vargas, Carlos Laruta


Amid climate, economic, and social changes in the Andean regions of Bolivia and Peru, small landholders are increasingly vulnerable to environmental and market shocks and stresses. This project works with farmers to explore ways of adapting to change and building resilient livelihood systems. The goal is to achieve food security and biodiversity by teaching rural communities how to conduct research and develop production alternatives.


1.Projecting Climate Change in the Andes 2.Helping farmers adapt to climate change 3.Decreasing the risk of plant disease


SANREM researchers in 2008 shared climate-change projections and ongoing research on adaptation for the Altiplano with Bolivia's National Program on Climate Change. With the McKnight Foundation, CIP, and the SANREM team, PI Corinne Valdivia organized a workshop in Lima on climate change and Andean agriculture production.By linking scientific and local knowledge, the team was able to share research results and recommend strategies to stakeholders at the local, regional, and national levels to assist government and international organizations to change their policies. Scientists found that when they grew pairs of resistant and disease-susceptible potato varieties together, the likelihood of disease decreased.

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