LTRA-6: A CAPS program for the Central Plateau of Haiti


Project Code:

Start Date:

End Date:

CRSP Phase:
Phase 4




Lead University:

Other Partners:
Ministry of Agriculture, Zanmi Agrikol, Caritas/Hinche (Haiti)

Principal Investigator(s):
Thomas Thompson

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
M.M. Alley, Gregory S. Amacher, Wade Thomason, Robert J. Badio, Jacques Volcius, Augustin Guedry, Gillaine Warne, Larose Deus, Stenio Louis-Jeune, Fereste Sonneus


After decades of violent conflict and political upheaval, Haiti’s agricultural sector is unable to produce enough food for the nation’s population of nearly 9 million. The goal of this project is to reduce food insecurity for small-scale farmers in the Central Plateau of Haiti. The overall hypothesis is that soil-improving CAPS can be developed for smallholders in the Central Plateau of Haiti that are both adapted to the biophysical environment, and are adoptable within the existing socioeconomic environment. We develop an understanding of the socioeconomic and biophysical constraints to CAPS adaptation and adoption, design and test strategies to work around those barriers in ways that increase agricultural productivity, and work with smallholders to discover pathways to adoption.


1. Assess the adaptability of existing agricultural production and livelihood systems for transformation into CAPS. 2. Increase agricultural production through development of CAPS. 3. Increase the capacity of smallholders to adapt and improve CAPS. 4. Strengthen human and institutional research and extension capacity for CAPS.


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