Management of Anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) (Penzig) Penzig and Sacc., a Disease of Increasing Importance in Onion

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Central Luzon State University; Philippine Rice Research Institute (Philippines)

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R.T. Alberto (Central Luzon State University), M.V. Duca (Philippine Rice Research Institute), S.A. Miller (Ohio State University)


Researchers conducted a field study at PhilRice Central Experiment Station in Maligaya, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija to develop integrated management strategies against anthracnose of onion. Anthracnose is currently one of the most destructive diseases of onion in the Philippines. When this research was conducted, the use of chemical fungicides was the only effective means of control. In using chemical control however, there is a need to know the frequency of application to address the negative impact of using such methods, develop a strategy of using fungicides effectively in combination with other control measures with less environmental and health hazards and to prevent development of resistance of the pathogen to the fungicides. Moreover, there is a need to develop control strategies other than the use of fungicide.


1. To compare cultural and chemical control and its combination to manage anthracnose of onion 2. To determine the effective frequency of application of commercially available fungicides against anthracnose of onion.


Anthracnose disease of onion can be effectively managed by proper cultural practices like wide plant spacing and correct amount of fertilizer application. Application of chemical fungicides like Mancozeb is not critical to the yield of onion, hence its application could be minimized to reduce input costs and potential environmental hazards.

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