Management of Weeds and Soil Pests in Kenyan Vegetable Crops

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Steve Fennimore; Peter Mutua

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Project Document


Horticulture CRSP, University of California- Davis

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Davis, CA


Summary: Training sessions were conducted in three Kenyan villages (Maito, Zambia and Kiambani) near Kitui, to demonstrate basic weed and pest management techniques appropriate to local vegetable crop production systems. Common vegetable crops in the area are mung bean onion bean, and tomato. Solarization is a simple and safe method to kill weed seeds, nematodes and soilborne diseases prior to planting vegetable crops. In the Kitui District of Kenya located near the equator, the sun is strong and solarization works well. Plastic films installed over moist soil, raised the soil temperature above the thermal death point, >50

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