Modeling Impacts of Changes in Pest Management Technologies Validation and Diffusion of Models for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of Potato in Carchi and Bolivar, Ecuador


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Phase 2

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Other Partners:
INIAP; INIAP-Carchi; INIAP E.E. Santa Catalina; CIP-FAO-Quito; MAG-Carchi

Principal Investigator(s):
Victor Barrera (INIAP); George Norton, Virginia Tech, Jeff Alwang (Virginia Tech); Luis Escudero, Jovanny Suquillo (INIAP-Carchi); Angel Rea, Carlos Monar (INIAP-Bolivar); Manuel Pumisacho (INIAP-E.E. Santa Catalina); Stephen Sherwood (CIP-FAO-Quito); Fernando Chulde (MAG-Carchi)

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


This research was carried out jointly by INIAP, IPM-CRSP and FAO. The method employed for this investigation was based on the Training to Trainers, Field Schools (FSs) and technology transfer and training, by means of courses, workshops, field days and field trips to validate and disseminate models of IPM on potato in the provinces of Carchi and Bolivar in Ecuador.


1. To validate and disseminate models of integrated pest management on potato in the provinces of Carchi and Bolivar. 2. To train potato producers in IPM component technology 3. To evaluate the impact of training on use of integrated pest management by growers


1. 28 FSs on potato crop were established during the period of execution of the investigation: 18 in Carchi and 10 in Bolivar. 2. 438farmers trained and graduated in the FSs (318 men and 120 women), now use IPM in their potato plots. 3. Knowledge about IPM alternatives and safe use ofpesticides, has been disseminated to approximately 4,538 actors of the potato growers sector; 2,050 farmers (1,600 in Carchi and 450 in Bolivar) have IPM knowledge and use at least one IPM practice in their potato crop.

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