Monitoring of Crop Pests and Their Natural Enemies in Olive Production Systems

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Plant Protection Institute (PPI), Agricultural University of Tirana (Albania); Virginia Tech, Penn State University, University of California (US)

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J. Tedeschini, H. Pace,B. Stamo, V. Jovani, B.Huqi, Sh.Shahini,Plant Protection Institute;R. Uka, M.Hasani,Agricultural University of Tirana;M. Baci,Fruit Tree Research Institute;C.Pitts,Penn State University;D.Pfeiffer,Virginia Tech;L. Ferguson, B.Teviotdale, M. McGiffen, University of California


Research was done at the Experimental Station of FRTI (Shamogjin) in the Vlora region. Field surveys were conducted for the incidence of pests, diseases and weeds in olive orchards. For the monitoring of key pests, different pheromones were tested. The development of new insect monitoring techniques for olive pests, such as olive fruit fly and olive moth, will serve to increase the variety of tactics that can be incorporated in an effective IPM program for olives.


1. To determine incidence and abundance of pests(insects, diseases, nematodes) and natural enemies 2. To determine parasitism rates of major insects pests 3. To determine the major weed species dominant in olives


Findings have helped to establish new methods for monitoring of key pests, economic injury levels and sampling strategies for each of the major pests of olive (olive fruit fly, olive moth, black scale, as well as key natural enemies). Monitoring methods for these pests can be improved and timely application of insecticides will result in a significant reduction in production cost and hazards to farmers and the environment. The presence of new natural enemies will facilitate the selection and development of the pest management strategies.

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