Nonfarm Income Diversification and Household Livelihood Strategies in Rural Africa: Concepts, Dynamics and Policy Implications

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Christopher B. Barrett; Thomas Reardon; Patrick Webb

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Scholarly Article


Food Policy

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Abstract: Asset, activity and income diversification lie at the heart of livelihood strategies in rural Africa. This paper introduces a special issue on the topic “Income Diversification and Livelihoods in Rural Africa: Cause and Consequence of Change.” We concentrate on core conceptual issues that bedevil the literature on rural income diversification and the policy implications of the empirical evidence presented in this special issue.

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Barrett, C.B., T. Reardon and P. Webb. 2001. "Nonfarm income diversification and household livelihood strategies in rural Africa: concepts, dynamics and policy implications". Food Policy 26: 315 - 331.

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