On-farm Post-harvest Management of Bruchids in Beans and Cowpeas

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Makerere University, National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) (Uganda); KARI (Kenya)

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J. Agona, S. Nahdy, S. Kyamanywa (Uganda); H. Wilson (US)


Seven post-harvest treatments of common beans, Phaseolus vulgaris L.., including three botanical treatments (Mexican marigold , lantana, and tobacco), an ash treatment, a solar heat treatment, Actellic (chemical control), and an untreated control were evaluated on farm stored beans to prevent damage by bruchids, Acanthoscelides obtectus Say and Zabrotes subfasciatus Boh..


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After three months of storage, significant differences in bean damage by bruchids were observed among treatments. Bruchid damage to beans treated with Actellic, tobacco, and solar heat was significantly less than that observed in beans treated with ash, marigold, lantana, and the untreated control. The lowest level of damage was 0.35% in beans treated in a solar dryer utilizing layers of black and clear plastic. The highest level of damage of 19.6% in beans treated with ground latana. Bruchid damage in the chemical control (Actellic) and untreated control were 2.75% and 15.7% respectively. Test of germination after three months of storage demonstrated a significant difference between that of the solar heat treatment (50%) and the other six treatments, in which germination ranged from 81.1% to 90.2%. Based on preliminary results, the solar heat treatment can be recommended as an effective treatment of post-harvest beans to reduce bruchid injury, but not for seeds due to a loss in germination. In the case of beans for seed, the tobacco treatment provides an alternative having a level of efficacy equivalent to the use of Actellic.

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