Peanut Varietal Improvement for Thailand and the Philippines – Thailand and Philippines

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Phase 1




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Kasetsart University; Khon Kaen University (Thailand); Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB); University of Philippines (Philippines)

Principal Investigator(s):
Johnny c. Wynne (US); Remedios Abilay, Aran Patanethai, Montien Sompee (Philippines and Thailand)

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Preecha Surin, Duangchai Choopunya, Somjintana Toomsaen, Anon Wayawanot, Sopone Kittisin, Tharmasak Sommartaya, Orapin Bhumibhamon, Sopone Wongkaew (Thailand); A. Pau, Candida Adalla, D.A. del Rosario, H.P. Somonte, Erlinda Paterno Philippines)


1. Develop peanut cultivars with desirable agronomic traits and disease resistances 2. Provide plant pathological information required for the development and utilization of disease-resistant cultivars 3. Exploit the advantages of these cultirvars int he cropping systems used in North Carolina, Thailand or the Philippines


Introduction and selection followed by a series of yeild trials has continued to be primary emphasis in the Thai program. Moket and TMV 3, lines with medium seed size and with favorable boiling characters, respectively, have been identified to be superior to local checks. Using asimilar approach in the Philippines, JL-24, an early maturing line, has performed well in general yield Lests. Other high yielding lines identified as promi;lug in the Philippines are Robtit 33-1, ICG 10, ICG II, RLRS 2 -nd NC Ac 17090. NC Ac 18417, a Cylindrocladium black rot-resistant selection from the crost, of NC bC and Florigiaii,, was approved for release in North Carolina and Virginia i y the Virginia-Caiolima Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation Progr-i n . NC Ac 18411, a breeding line from a recurrent selection program, has continued to perform well in regional trials. It will be considered for release in 1987.

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