PES Knowledgebase: Overview and demonstration of a new tool


T. Dillaha

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Abstract: The SANREM CRSP Knowledgebase (SKB) is an online database of resources, including books, reports, journal articles, and videos produced or cataloged by SANREM researchers. It is searchable by title, author, creation date, keywords, media type, time period, location, Abstract, language, and actual resource or link to resource. The database contains nearly 2,000 entries. The SKB has been modified for PES to include project type and definition, promoted action, valuation method, provider compensation method, buyer, seller, intermediaries, measure of service provided, ecosystem, and ecosystem service. The PES Knowledgebase contains information on 160 significant PES and PES-like projects, and 150 additional PES information resources such as books, journal articles, and reports. Access to the PES Knowledgebase is through the SANREM CRSP website, under Information Resources.

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Presented at the USAID PES policy seminar: Pro-Poor Payments for Ecosystem Services, Virginia Tech Northern VA Center, Falls Church, Virginia, 4 October 2007

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