Potential for Restaurant Markets for Tilapia in Nicaragua

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Ivano Neira; Carole Engle

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Research Report


Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP, Oregon State University

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Corvallis, OR


Abstract: Domestic markets for farm-raised tilapia could diversify marketing opportunities for Nicaraguan tilapia growers. The availability of alternatives to the US export market could reduce market-related risks. Three surveys were conducted in Nicaragua from August through

September 2000. While the study includes surveys of supermarkets and fish market vendors, this report will focus on the restaurant market survey. A random sample of restaurants in all major urban and rural areas resulted in 118 completed restaurant questionnaires. Data were

collected on aspects such as supply characteristics, supply channels, demand characteristics, preferences, and consumption patterns. Results indicated increasing potential sales of tilapia but also revealed problems such as negative perceptions by consumers of tilapia off-flavor,

contaminated wild-caught fish, and inconsistency of supply. Tilapia is well known in Nicaragua. It was considered the fourth most important finfish sold, but restaurants were reluctant to admit selling tilapia due to off-flavor and consumer fears related to wild-caught tilapia from Lake Managua. Broad-based consumer education and labeling programs may be necessary to overcome perceptions of contamination. Tilapia farms and processors would need to guarantee and ensure the flavor, quality, and safety of their product. Promotional

efforts that emphasize these attributes will be essential.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Neira, I. and C.R. Engle, 2003. Potential for restaurant markets for tilapia in Nicaragua. Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 28 pp.

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