Process And Impact Of Natural Resource Management On The Quality Of Life In Donsin, Burkina Faso


Project Code:

Start Date:
July 1995

End Date:
July 2000

CRSP Phase:
Phase 1

Not Available



Lead University:

Other Partners:
INERA;University of Georgia; IRBET; Plan International Boulsa, Burkina Faso

Principal Investigator(s):
Inna Silva-Barbeau

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


To better understand the interrelationship between health and nutrition of the people of the Donsin watershed and natural resource management.

To more directly link activities geared towards sustainable agriculture and natural

resource management to sustainable health and nutrition of the residents of the watershed.


1.Determine and monitor the health and nutritional status of inhabitants ofthe watershed. 2. Determine the nature of food deficits and ill health among users in the watershed. Evaluate the causes and processes that contribute to the annual "hungry and illness period" and chronic undernutrition experienced by users in the watershed. 3. Develop programs and/or strategies which will address and/or mitigate the annual "hungry and illness period" and chronic undernutrition among users in the watershed. 4. Develop a household vulnerability model which will be used as a tool by policy makers and watershed residents in making timely decisions to prevent acute food shortages and malnutrition in the watershed and/or individual households.


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