Rapid Ecological Assessment of the SANREM CRSP/Ecuador Research Area, Northwestern Pichincha


Project Code:

Start Date:
November 1996

End Date:
July 2001

CRSP Phase:
Phase 1

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Lead University:

Other Partners:
Department of Biodiversity Conservation Data Center CDClEcuador; Department of Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing Conservation Data Center CDClEcuador

Principal Investigator(s):
Marcelo Guevara N.; Felipe Campos Y.

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


In Ecuador, deforestation has reached unprecedented levels. About 300,000 ha are deforested annually (CAAM, 1995). The scarce remnants of the forests located along the Andean slopes and in the interAndean valleys are the most endangered. Subsequently, there is greater emphasis on the conservation of soils and water resources, and of course, on preventing loss of biodiversity. In this context, the SANREM CRSP works in an area where the local agricultural communities are facing related problems. The aim is to find solutions and alternative approaches to resource management with an interdisciplinary research methodology and in close collaboration with the local population.

The participation of the Conservation Data Center (CDCl Ecuador) in this project has two main purposes: I) to build a pool of geographical and ecological information about the area and 2) to provide the institutions and the local communities involved in SANREM CRSP/Ecuador with this information as a useful tool for research and planning.


1. Provide cartographic support to the SANREM CRSP/Ecuador program through the elaboration of maps containing information such as distribution of human settlements, current land use, vegetative cover, geomorphology and soils, and potential land use and use conflicts. 2. Augment this geophysical characterization of the area with information about ecological communities, their distribution, and their current level of conservation. 3. Identify plants and animals as potential ecological indicators for evaluation, monitoring, and research purposes.


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