Review of Collaborative Management Arrangements for Mt. Elgon National Park


D. Hinchley; L. Turyomurugyendo; K. Stonewall

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Research Report


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This paper reviews the negotiation and implementation of two trial collaborative management agreements that were negotiated between the Park management and the communities of two Parishes adjoining the Park in 1995. The aim of the paper is analysing strengths, weaknesses and lessons learnt. It then proposes ideas for the further development of collaborative management arrangements that build on the strengths of activities to date and attempt to overcome the weaknesses identified. The paper does not attempt to evaluate the overall success of the trial collaborative management arrangements, as these are seen as only the first steps in a series of action learning cycles to test and refine the approaches being developed, rather than as examples of fully developed collaborative management arrangements.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2. History of the agreements 2.1 Background 2.2 Rationale and approaches used 2.3 Implementation activities 3. Review of progress to date 3.1 Community attitutdes and compliance with the agreements 3.2 UWA implementation capacity 3.3 Comparison with law enforcement approaches 4. Discussion of findings 4.1 Policy, legislation and institutional commitment 4.2 Rights, responsibilities and benefits 4.3 Biodiversity issues 4.4 Further Development of collaborative management 5. Conclusions

Additional Bibliographic Information

The World Conservation Union, Eastern Africa Regional Office (IUCN EARO)

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