SANREM CRSP in the Republic of the Cape Verde Islands, West Africa


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Start Date:
September 1994

End Date:
June 1996

CRSP Phase:
Phase 1

Not Available



Lead University:

Other Partners:
Silva Associates Blacksburg. Virginia; Iowa State University; Heifer Project International Little Rock, Arkansas; Auburn University

Principal Investigator(s):

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


The SANREM CRSP was invited by USAID/Cape Verde to collaborate with the Watershed and Applied Research and Development (WARD) project to provide

training, technical assistance, and research planning assistance to the national research institution, INIDA. The overall goal of the SANREM CRSPIINIDA effort was to provide the WARD project with training, technical assistance, and research collaboration, which would strengthen the administrative capabilities of DGASP,INIDA and INERF as semi-autonomous research and development institutions andstrengthen their capability in terms of participatory research methodologies which will result in greater short term agricultural productivity, increase income to producers, and long-term agricultural and environmental sustainability. Through attainment of this goal, the project would assist

INIDA in making its research products more useful to recipient farmers, thereby increasing the impact and effectiveness of INIDA’s research efforts


1. Strengthen the agricultural research management capabilities of INIDA in the areas of research planning, coordination, and research staff supervision. 2. Develop with INIDA a system for continuous evaluation and monitoring of research management activities to include both the administration and actual research. 3. Provide assistance to INIDA researchers in the areas of information exchange with farmers, research/extension linkages, inter-institmional collaboration and interdisciplinary research. Provide DGASP, INIDA, INERF, other institutions and other groups (i.e., NGOs, user groups) with in-country training in areas of farmer-first, on-farm research and participatory landscapellifescape approaches to agricultural sustainability and watershed management. 5. Provide DGASP, INIDA, INERF, other institutions, and other groups (i.e., NGOs, user groups) with short term in-country technical training in various areas identified by the respective institutions to include aspects of soil and water conservation, watershed management, forestry, planning, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, and priority setting, etc. 6. Provide DGASP, INIDA and INERF staff and other institutions with short term technical training in the United States in the areas of planning, monitoring and evaluation. 7. Supervise the graduate degree programs of 6 candidates in the U.S. and providing the means for the candidates to return to Cape Verde to do research in collaboration with the WARD Project


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