SANREM knowledgebase metadata guide: Version 4


C.B. Heatwole Shenk; J.N. Lamb with C.D Heatwole; M. Obenhaus

Type of Document:
Project Document


SANREM CRSP, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Blacksburg, VA


This document describes the purpose, Content, and format of the metadata that defines the Contents of the SANREM Knowledgebase. The SANREM Knowledgebase (SKB) is a catalog of information resources specific to the SANREM project as well as catalog and archive other resources and projects that relate to sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. The overall Goal is to make these resources readily available to facilitate the wide and effective dissemination of information and to provide a structure for effective search and retrieval of the resources.

The SANREM knowledgebase stores standard bibliographic metadata as well as information specific to SANREM. The SKB can also store a full copy of digital resources (except when prohibited by copyright). The SKB was designed to be flexible enough to catalog a wide variety of types of material. The resources cataloged in the SKB are primarily articles, papers, and reports but may include other digital resources such as presentations, images, webpages, and other materials that can be referenced. This document provides guidelines and examples for creating entries for the different types of resources.

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