Scaling up integration of vegetable and agroforestry systems in Asian watersheds: The SANREM-TMPEGS Philippines strategy


V.O. Espaldon; B. Isidra; A. Sofia

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Abstract: This paper presents the initial output of the scaling-up component of the SANREM CRSP- TMPEGS Philippines. The primary objectives of this component is to test and employ different methods of scaling up to disseminate the benefits that can be generated from research on the integration of vegetables and agroforestry systems in Philippine watersheds. The study area is Barangay Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon, Philippines.

The scaling-up process involves training needs assessment, analysis of research outputs that are ready for dissemination to different users and stakeholders, development of training module and implementation of training courses. Techno-guides based on the field research will be printed for distribution to promote the results to the wider public. After the training, an evaluation is to be conducted based on the KAP framework. The work plan, in addition to the ongoing research projects, will draw materials from existing farms that can serve as models of sustainable agriculture. In this context, the team documented the case of the Binahon Agroforestry Farm, which will serve as a model and an inspiration in the scaling-up activities. Copies of a documentary film, together with a pamphlet, will be distributed to targeted stakeholders.

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Presented at 2008 SANREM CRSP Annual Meeting Los Banos, Philippines, 26-28 May 2008

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