Seeking Sustainability: Challenges of Agricultural Development and Environmental Management in a Philippine Watershed


I. Coxhead; G. Buenavista (eds.)

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Los Banos, Philippines


Table of Contents: 1: Seeking Sustainability / Coxhead and Buenavista 2: Demographic Development of Lantapan / Paunlagui and Suminguit 3: Philippine Development Strategies, Price Policies and Natural Markets: Growth, Policies and Upland Resource Use / Coxhead, Rola, and Kim

4: Soil Conservation Decisions and Non-Farm Economic Conditions: A Study of the Rural Labor Market in the Philippine Uplands of Bukidnon / Rola and Coxhead

5: Making a Living Out of Agriculture: Some Reflections on Vegetable Production Systems in the Manupali Watershed / Midmore, Nissen, and Poudel

6: Innovations in Participatory Watershed Resource Management to Conserve Tropical Biodiversity / Garrity, Amoroso, Koffa, and Catacutan

7: Community-based Water Quality Monitoring: From Data Collection to Sustainable Management of Water Resources / Deutsch, Busby, Orprecio, Bago-Labis, Cequina

8: Implementing a Participatory Natural Resources Research Program / Coxhead, Buenavista 9: Community-based Water Quality Monitoring: The Tigbantay Wahig Experience / Duetsch, Orprecio, Bago-Labis

10: Grassroots Empowerment and Sustainability in the Management of Critical Natural Resources: The Agroforestry Tree Seed Association of Lantapan / Koffa and Garrity

11: Conservation and Management of Watershed and Natural Resources: Issues in the Philippines, the Bukidnon Experience / Sumbalan

12: Assessing the Impact of a Participatory, Research-Oriented Project: Results of a Survey / Buenavista, Coxhead, Kim

13: Impact of SANREM CRSP/Southeast Asia on PCARRD and the Philippine NARRS / Serrano and del Rosario

14: Conclusions / Buenavista and Coxhead

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