Social capital, eco-governance and natural resource management: A case study in Bukidnon, Philippines


M. Paunlagui; M. Nguyen; A. Rola

Type of Document:
Research Report


University of the Philippines- Los Banos

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Laguna, Philippines


Abstract: Using household and community data in Bukidnon, Philippines, this paper investigates whether variations in economic conditions of communities affect the level of social capital and whether the quality of environmental governance and levels of social capital influence management of natural resources. Social capital is a measure of sociability of people. Good environmental governance or (eco-governance) exists when local leaders are responsive to calls for planning and implementing programs and projects to protect the natural resources. Results showed that social capital index was higher in communities with higher level of economic development. Social capital index was also found to be higher in areas where soil productivity was perceived to be better. The relationship between social capital and eco-governance was likewise found to be positive. In areas with good eco-governance, people were found to have a higher propensity to collectively participate in the management of natural resources.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Paunlagui, M., M. Nguyen and A. Rola. 2003. Social Capital, Eco-governance and Natural Resource Management: A Case Study in Bukidnon, Philippines. Working Paper No. 03-04 (27 pp.). Los Ba?os: University of the Philippines at Los Ba?os, Institute of Strategic Planning and Policy Studies.

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