Social Impact Assessment of Using Sex Pheromone as a Monitoring Tool for Management of Spodoptera Species in Onions

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Philippine Rice Research Institute, Central Luzon State University (Philippines)

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R.B. Malasa, R.Z. Relado, Philippine Rice Research Institute, Maligaya, Science City of Munoz, 3119, Nueva Ecija and S.M. Roguel,Central Luzon State University, Science City of Munoz, 3120, Nueva Ecija


Using Krawetz’ Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Model, researchers evaluated farmers’ perception of the sex pheromone trap technology and its possible impacts in their household, farm, community, and environment. The study was conducted in the three villages of Nueva Ecija where the experimental sites of IPM CRSP are located.


The study aimed to: a) determine the communities' perception on using/adopting sex pheromone traps as a monitoring device in managing S. litura and S. exigua in onion production; b) identify and assess the possible social effects and impacts of the use of sex pheromones traps in a community; and c) identify and suggest possible mitigations and enhancement measures to increase the likelihood of sex pheromone trap adoption among farmers.


1. Farmers must be properly trained in IPM so they can effectively use sex pheromones as a monitoring tool for insecticide application. 2. There is a need to develop a policy so farmers can adopt sex pheromones community-wide. 3. A producer or distributor of sex pheromones must be identified to ensure that farmers' adoption of the sex pheromone is sustainable and it will be available when they need it. 4. Agricultural technicians should also be trained on IPM in vegetables so they can assist in an information dissemination campaign.

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