Socio-economic monitoring study


S. Budidarsono; A. Rahmanulloh

Type of Document:
Project Document


World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Bogor, Indonesia


Summary: The socio-economic team has identified vegetable cultivation technologies/practices within agroforestry systems, including the necessary inputs applied and the outputs has been done in close collaboration with all parties involved in the respective trials/experiments.

Out of six experiments carried out during Year 3 of the project, only shade management trial have been completed the experiments (the soil analysis was still in process). The rest, were still on going with different progresses. It is therefore, the focus of this semi annual report of the socio-economic team is shade management trials.

Although profitability assessment of shade management trial in vegetables cultivation has been carried out, there some important parameter left undisclosed, such as optimum labor requirement, optimum life cycle of the selected vegetables cultivated in the trial.

Additional Bibliographic Information

A SANREM CRSP Semi-annual Report - Year 3

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