Soil and Water Management for Improving Sorghum Production in Eastern Africa


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Collaborating Scientists' Institutions: Purdue University (US); EARO-Melkassa, EARO-Nazaret, Mekele Agricultural Research Center (Ethiopia); Kawanda Agricultural Research Instititute (Uganda)

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Charles Wortman, Martha Mamo

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This project focused on increasing the of yield of sorghum in East Africa and contributing to improved institutional capacity. Collaborating researchers in Ethiopia are working with farmers to address production constraints associated with water deficits and low soil fertility. Tillage and implement options are being tested at various semi-arid sorghum production areas in Ethiopia. Tillage effects on organic matter and soil physical properties are being assessed for improved soil water management. In eastern Nebraska, soil fertility management options are being evaluated including the use of starter fertilizers for no-till situations and the rotation effect of soybean on sorghum N nutrition. P availability indices are being fine-tuned for soils of Nebraska, Ethiopia and Mozambique.


1. Initiate nutrient management and water conservation research, such as use of tie-ridging or micro-catchments, in two semi-arid areas in Ethiopia. 2. Initiate on-farm trials and/or collaborate in on-going station trials to verify N credit to sorghum following soybeans. 3. Begin research on starter fertilizers for no-till sorghum production in Nebraska. Initiate research to predict P fixation capacity of soils across Nebraska and Ethiopia and assess effect of tillage systems on organic matter and soil aggregation. 4. Begin data compilation to evaluate internal nutrient use efficiencies, and relate variations in grain yield and seed number to plant N concentration, uptake, and N harvest index.


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